Fortnite isn’t just a screensaver, though you might think that after this week. Long story short: the game is divided into seasons, which last roughly 10 weeks and usually culminate in a big in-game event. The hole was the ending event of Season 10. It started on Sunday afternoon when the game’s entire map got sucked into a black hole following a rocket launch and a big explosion. To players’ surprise, instead of the game going on as it ordinarily would, all you saw when you loaded the game was a black hole. The internet went wild trying to figure out when the game would be playable again. After about 37 hours, at 4 a.m. ET, the game came back online as Chapter 2, with a lot of changes. It was pretty wild of Epic to take the hugely popular game offline for so long, especially during a holiday weekend in Canada and much of the US, so the stunt garnered a lot of attention.

What is Fortnite when it isn’t a hole?

The best-known version of Fortnite v buck generator is its battle royale mode, which is free to play on computers, Xbox, PS4, Switch, and mobile. That’s not the only Fortnite mode that exists. Back in 2017, developer Epic spun the battle royale part out from its less-popular co-op narrative game, Fortnite: Save The WorldSave The World is a paid game, while Battle Royale is free.

In battle royale, 100 players in solos, duos, or teams of four jump from a flying bus onto a map. As the phrase “battle royale” connotes, everybody then tries to kill each other, until there’s just one player standing (or one team of players, depending on the mode). If you aren’t playing solos, the game will team you up with strangers, or you can play with your friends. You start with only a pickaxe and have to find whatever weapons are lying around. Weapons have different colors, which denote how rare or powerful they are. You can also find potions that give you shields, items that give you health, and throwable items like grenades. Also, over the course of a match, a storm closes in on the map. If you get caught in it, you’ll lose health and eventually die. This forces players to keep moving closer to each other.