the fall TV season is here (we’ve been talking about it for what feels like forever), and now that we’re a few weeks in, there are some gems starting to emerge (StumptownI’m looking at you!) and a few that are failing to wow viewers (sorry, Sunnyside). But for your sci-fi mystery appetite, ABC’s most excellent Emergence is giving us some good TV after only three episodes (the fourth airs on Tuesday).

The one-hour drama comes from Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters (Agent Carter, Kevin [Almost] Saves the World) and casts Allison Tolman (FargoGood Girls) as a Long Island sheriff who finds a mysterious little girl and, well, things get freaky from there. What exactly is young Piper (Alexa Swinton)? And where did she come from? Those are just a few questions in the show and, credit to Fazekas and Butters, we’re getting answers quickly.

In this week’s episode of the TV Insider Podcast, the series’ creators and executive producers sat down with episode hack our Jim Halterman to talk about how the show came about and why they didn’t want an entire season to go by without viewers finding things out. After all, in 2019,