Adventure game Strange Brigade arrives on Nintendo Switch

Rebellion’s Strange Brigade is out today on Nintendo Switch, and you can get it for 10% during launch week.

The third-person adventure game Strange Brigade has you dealing with mummified enemies as you solve puzzles in booby-trapped ruins.

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Other enemies include fire-breathing assassins, and armor-plated minotaurs all under the control of Seteki the Witch Queen who was buried in a nameless tomb for 4,000 years and has now returned.

You can play it by yourself or team up with others in local wireless co-op and online for 1-4 players.

On Switch, players will receive exclusive new features including:

  • Local Play - Includes 2-4 player local Wireless play
  • Online Play -  2-4 player online co-op
  • Enhanced Controls - Motion Controls, HD Rumble, and Pro Controller support
  • Technical Enhancements - Dynamic Resolution Switching for smooth 30fps gameplay. Running up to 1080p on TV and 720p handheld
  • Achievements - Achievements with In-game tracking screen
    Friend Invites - Send invites to online and offline friends

The Strange Brigade Season Pass is also available on the eShop, and content includes the three-part campaign expansion The Thrice Damned, additional playable characters, new weapons, items, and more. DLC packs are also available separately.

It is also currently available on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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