All working Build a Boat codes for free blocks, gold, and more [June 2021]

If you’re looking for free blocks to upgrade your experience in Build a Boat For Treasure, then redeeming a few Build a Boat codes is the best way to go.

The treasure-hunting game has a small set of active codes which gift you several block types that are normally difficult to get. They’re updated infrequently, but we’ll keep an eye out for new codes and refresh our list when more are published.

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What are Build a Boat codes?

Build a Boat codes do a few different things. Most give you free blocks, including some rarer ones such as the Cake block. Others offer free portals, and some give you a bit of free Gold. Normally, you’d have to work a fair bit to get these items, so these codes are a handy way to take some grind out of the game.

As mentioned, these are updated somewhat infrequently, sometimes monthly, so it’s worth checking back regularly for more.

How to redeem Build a Boat codes

Launch the game, and open the menu. Choose “settings,” enter your code, and redeem it to collect your rewards. Build a Boat codes aren’t case sensitive, so it doesn’t matter how you enter it.

All working Build a Boat codes

These are the active Build a Boat codes, though it’s worth noting some are reporting a few have expired. Others still have success with them, however, and we’ve been unable to find any expiration date for the codes included below. Just make sure you’re putting in the right code.

All working Build a Boat codes All working Build a Boat codes
Code Name
!ERROR! undefined variable ‘d’ 5 Gold
!ERROR! undefined variable ‘p’ 5 Gold
hi 5 Gold
squid army 22 Gold and 22 Ice
chillthrill709 was here 1 Firework
Fuzzy Friend? 10 Balloons, 5 Ring Fireworks, and 1 Portal
Lurking Legend 10 Balloons, 5 Super Fireworks, and 1 Portal
Be a Big F00t Print 10 Balloons, 5 Cake, and 25 Neon Block

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