Bless Unleashed skill point reset and how to farm skill points

Bless Unleashed skill point reset is an often-requested feature in the MMO, thanks in no small part to the vast array of equippable Blessings and the skills they unlock.

While the feature might be planned for a future update, Bless Unleashed has a couple of handy ways to max out Blessings and skill points even if you make some bad investments early on.

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Bless Unleashed skill point reset | How to reset skill points

There’s no way to reset skill points. The development team said it’s not something you can do “currently,” so it’s possible Bless Unleashed skill point reset could happen in the future.

It’s not a significant problem, though, at least not the further you get in the game. You might run out of points early on if you aren’t sure which Blessings you want to max out. However,

you can still max them all with a bit of skill point farming.

Bless Unleashed skill point reset | How to get skill points

Bless Unleashed deals out skill points aplenty from completing quests. There’s no shortage of those either. If you exhaust your current skill point pool, a spot of quest grinding should get what you need.

Skill experience (SXP) comes from completing regional quests and helps build your skill point pool. Each point of SXP counts as 5% toward a new skill point. You’ll also earn skill points by completing boss fights.

Maxing out all skills in a Blessing unlocks a passive buff that stays active even when you replace the Blessing with a new one. Getting skill points is fairly easy, true. However, if you want to save time, make sure you plan ahead and pick which skills and passives you think you’ll want the most.

Grinding boss fights will also get you plenty of Soul Crystals, though how to use them is less obvious than you might think.

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