Fortnite’s marketplace of skinsadded the Stonks! meme guy on Thursday

In another April Fools’-but-it’s-really-in-the-game development, Fortnite’s marketplace of skinsadded the Stonks! meme guy on Thursday.

“Diamond Hanz,” as he is called, goes for 1,200 V-bucks — which roughly equals about $10. We think that price should hold steady, but this is not a forward-looking statement securities involve risk and may lose value member FDIC please don’t sue me.

Anyway, 1,200 V-bucks is a mid-tier price for a premium skin, the “Diamond Hanz” name not withstanding. Diamond hands was the term used for those who held on v buck generator to their GameStop shares through the fury of late January and early February, creating a short-selling balloon intended to punish hedge funds and other speculators.

As a meme, “Stonks” guy dates back to 2017, and is yet another meme starring shitpost mascot Meme Man, who first appeared around 2014. With GameStop’s short-squeeze originating in a subreddit trading on so-called “meme stocks,” the original image went back into wide circulation this winter.


Fortniteis no stranger to meme cosmetics. This all started with a variety of dance emotes, but that practice ended because lawsuits. Since then, the marketplace curator, who apparently is a very online 15-year-old, has done things like offer an Area 51 skin, around the time a Facebook group was toying with the idea of Naruto-overrunning the top-secret facility.

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