Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rare Monsters: How to find Nergigante, Nargacuga, and more

As with any Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Stories 2 rare monsters are your best bet for getting powerful equipment to tackle late-game challenges.

Given the name, it should come as no surprise these rare monsters are difficult to find in Stories 2. The likes of Nargacuga and Anjanath only pop up once you’ve met certain conditions.

Nergigante might be the rarest of all, and it’ll take some dedication to finally track its egg down. Our Monster Hunter Stories 2 rare monsters guide gives you the locations of some of the strongest and most sought after beasts in game, so you can add them to your team as soon as possible.

For more on how to grind out the most powerful versions of each monster, check out our guide on how to farm the best eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 rare monsters

You can try your luck finding these monsters in rare dens, but you can also force most of them to retreat for a guaranteed chance of finding their egg. The paintball trick — using a paintball, then defeating the monster within three turns — works, but each has a particular weakness that raises the likelihood of a retreat.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Nargacuga egg location

You’ll have a shot at finding Nargacuga fairy early in the Alcala chapter during a story quest. If you don’t roll the stats you want, however, you can start finding Nargacuga in dens after the boss battle.

They appear in rare dens scattered around the Alcala region itself in addition to rare dens in West Etuelle Forest.

If you encounter wild Nargacuga, you can force them to retreat if you use a pitfall trap during the battle or, less likely, with the paintball method.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rathian egg location

Rathian also call Alcala home. There’s a chance to grab a Rathian egg during the associated story quest following a boss fight, and after that, you’ll want to look in rare dens and also the Mt. Harzgai location.

You can force Rathian to retreat by using a Kinship Skill during the fight.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Legiana egg location

Finding Legiana is similar to finding Nargacuga. You’ll encounter one during a story quest in Loloska and, after the boss fight, get a chance to obtain a Legiana egg. After that, the flying wyvern has a chance of appearing in rare dens and the Lavina Glacial Peaks.

You can force Legiana to retreat by using a flash bomb while it’s gliding, then attacking it with an electric attack.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Anjanath egg location

You’ll run into Anjanath early in the game, but won’t get a chance to find its eggs or fight it in the wild until you reach the Loloska region. Anjanath only pop up in rare dens and in the Loloska Forest, so you might be looking for a while.

In battle, break its nose using a water element attack to increase your chance of making it retreat.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Nergigante egg location

Nergigante is a special case because it won’t retreat. You’ll have to find an egg, which means attempting to find rare high rank monster dens.

Nergigante could appear in these dens at the base of Terga Volcano, but be prepared for many refreshes before actually getting a Nergigante egg. That goes double if you’re trying for a rare egg.

Whatever your goal, make sure you’ve got the Bottle Caps necessary to expand your stable once these eggs hatch. If you’re looking for an extra challenge to take on with your powerful new Monsties, seek out the Royal Monsters scattered around the world.

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