Fortnite players have been utilizing Rifts for quite some time as a means to redeploy at specific spots scattered around the Battle Royale map. But, you might not know these Rifts can also be purchased from NPCs for a small purse of Bars as well. There are at least seven different NPCs that sell Rifts, but, for the sake of simplicity, we’ll list three of them in detail.

It’s worth noting that if you have any problem finding the locations we’re about to cover, always look for the NPC chat bubble icon that appears as you near the destination. The precise locations of these characters can shift, but, as long as you look for that bubble, you’ll know where they are.

RIFT PURCHASE LOCATION 1: The first location to find a Rift is by visiting the Cabbie NPC in Lazy Lake. He’s typically found wandering the parking lot at the southern end of the location.

fortnite purchase rift location 1 gameplay
You’ll often find Cabbie in this parking lot near his cab.Epic Games
We’ve often found him outside this entrance, next to his parked Cab.

fortnite purchase rift location 1 map
The first location is on your map in southwest Lazy Lake.Epic Games
RIFT PURCHASE LOCATION 2: If you’d rather not hunt for Cabbie, you can also visit Rebirth Raven as well. She’s got her own house northwest of Sweaty Sands that’s easily found via a black mark on the map.

fortnite purchase rift location 2 map
You’ll find another v buck generator Rift purchase location northwest of Sweaty Sands.Epic Games
Simply enter the house, and you’ll find that Raven has a Rift you can buy.

fortnite purchase rift location 2 gameplay
This is what it looks like inside the house.Epic Games
RIFT PURCHASE LOCATION 3: The last location we’ve mapped for you is Raz. He sells Rifts at the top of this big building on the northwest side of Colossal Crops.

fortnite purchase rift location 3 map
You’ll find a third possible Rift location towards the middle of Colossal Crops.Epic Games
Just parachute towards the top of the building, and you’ll see the NPC chat bubble icon.

fortnite purchase rift location 3 gameplay
You’ll see Raz at the top of this central building.Epic Games
When talking to any of these NPCs, you should see a butterfly-shaped Rift icon in their dialogue wheel. Tap on it, and then tap again to spend 245 Bars on a Rift. As soon as you buy it, your character will launch into the air just as they would through a map-based Rift. Complete the task, and you’ll earn some easy XP for your Season 6 Battle Pass.


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