Save $530 on this 360Hz Alienware gaming monitor at Dell right now

Coming in with a whopping 360Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, this top tier Dell Alienware monitor is currently more than half off. That's $379.99 down from its usual price of $909.99, which equals a ridiculous saving on this beefy, high-speed monitor.

The Alienware AW2521H gaming monitor may not come in at the top end in terms of image resolution, but what it lacks in pixels it makes up for in speed and, of course, that over the top Alienware style.

High refresh rate gaming monitor deal

Dell Alienware AW2521H | 360Hz | 24.5-inch | 1080p | 1ms | IPS | $909.99 $449.99 at Dell (Save $530)
This high refresh rate, low response time gaming monitor may not be the highest resolution, but man does it pack a punch. Plus, it’s a little bigger than average at 24.5 inches and comes with Nvidia G-Sync and Reflex Latency Analyser. At over half price off, it’s certainly worth a look.

As is customary for any Alienware design, this monitor oozes a sci-fi aesthetic that would make any UFO spotter's wallet fall open. Aside from that, the refresh rate and response time touted here will utterly eliminate the potential for you to blame your monitor for nerfing your gaming ability.

Not only is it bezel-less on three of its four sides (which is something people seem to care about, for reasons), this gaming monitor also comes with Nvidia G-Sync and Reflex Latency Analyser built in. So lots of extra goodies, particularly for those packing an Nvidia graphics card.

Spanning 24.5 inches, it'll give you a little more space to work on than your average gaming monitor, while keeping to the tried and tested 16:9 standard ratio. The size does mean that 1080p resolution may feel a little overstretched, but at least sticking to FHD will mean you wont need to bag an RTX 3090 just to make the most of the monitors immense refresh rate.

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