Somerville is the next game from Inside co-creator

Somerville looks like something that could have been made by Playdead, even if it isn’t.

Somerville was unveiled at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase with chilling trailer.

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Somerville is the first project from Jump Ship, a studio established in 2017 after Playdead co-founder Dino Patti left. Playdead is, of course, responsible for Limbo and Inside, and you can immediately see that lineage in Jump Ships’s new game.

Since this is our first proper look at Somerville, there are a lot of mysteries about what it is. From the trailer, we can see it’s an atmospheric side-scroller about a family in some sort of warzone. Character movement and animations are once again very reminiscent of Inside.

Interestingly, the family – and their dog – are shown running through the game’s world together, which could mean that we’ll have to lead them/protect them from dangers, a major change from Playdead’s normal single-person adventure.

Somerville is an Xbox console exclusive, coming to Xbox platforms as well as PC sometime in 2022. And, like the majority of games at the showcase, it will be available on Xbox Game Pass (console, cloud, PC) at launch.

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