These PS5 Ready M.2 SSDs Are On Sale in the UK

Have you heard the news? The long-awaited PS5 M.2 SSD update launched on September 15, which makes this the perfect time to invest in some expandable storage for your console. To make things a little easier for you, we've listed all the perfect M.2 SSDs available and on sale right now in the UK.

Our favourite deal at the moment is definitely on the Samsung 980 PRO 1 TB (see at Amazon), now further reduced to just £134.99 (was £192.79). This is an incredible offer, just make sure you get a heatsink to go alongside as well.

PS5 M.2 SSDs On Sale in the UK (Without Heatsink)

It will likely be cheaper to buy a 'PS5 Ready' M.2 SSD without a heatsink built-in and then buy a heatsink separately. Here are all the best options that are on sale. Remember, there are also different memory capacities available (500GB – 4TB) so check those out as well. For example, the Sabrent 4TB Rocket 4 Plus M.2 SSD is down to £799.99 (was £999.99).

Compatible M.2 2280 SSD Heatsinks

You'll need a heatsink if your SSD doesn't come with one, here are some good PS5 compatible options from Amazon.

PS5 M.2 SSDs On Sale in the UK (With Heatsink)

If you want to save a little time, buying a PS5 M.2 SSD with a heatsink is a great option, and will remove the hassle of purchasing two items at the same time. Here are all the best options for a PS5 SSD with a heatsink.

How to Upgrade Your PS5 SSD

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