What did you play last week? A ganger wields a plasma gun

Rachel Watts played The Magnificent Trufflepigs, a metal detector adventure. If you've ever seen people with metal detectors walking along the beach and thought maybe it seems like a nice way to spend your time, here's that but in the English countryside and with Firewatch-style dialogue.

Andy Kelly played Deliver At All Costs, a free game about a delivery driver out for revenge. It's a bit like arcade classic Paperboy except you've got a pickup truck instead of a BMX, and a spring-loaded launcher for flinging parcels at their owners. Except this time the havoc you cause tearing through the streets chucking deliveries around is the point—you're a victim of the gig economy exacting vengeance with shit people buy off the internet as your weapon.

Steven Messner replayed Burning Crusade, which is where World of Warcraft Classic is up to these days. Apparently the influx of players was flooding the hubs and making quests a pain, but that's also made getting a group together to raid dungeons easier than ever. Which is how he recommends you grind your way through this flashback to 2007.

Natalie Clayton played Mechwarrior 5's DLC about running a mercenary company. For about an hour. Then she just booted up BattleTech instead, which has a career mode that does a better job at letting you tell a story about mech pilots with personality, expressed in between-mission vignettes. Downtime is important in games, not just because it's nice to have a breather after you finish a tough level, but to give context to the next one.

Enough about us. What about you? Have you played any of the recent Warhammer games, like Eurojank FPS Necromunda: Hired Gun or roguelike tactics game Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground? Have you been enjoying the classic D&D stylings of Solasta: Crown of the Magister, or piloting a bugbot in Stonefly? Let us know! 

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